How to dress as a band tee: This is the new ‘supreme’ shirt

Supreme t shirts have been around for a while, but now they’ve got a new look to them.The brand has teamed up with Levi’s to bring the classic ‘supremacy’ style back to the UK.Supreme shirts have already been seen in a number of different styles including the top and back of Levi’s Levi’s Supremacy Jeeps, the Levi’s Signature Levi’s Superstar […]

Target says ‘no’ to buying more T-shirts for men and women

Target has said it is no longer buying T-shirt designs from the company, but will continue to make them available to its customers.The retailer said it had “not decided” how it would respond to an inquiry from Fairfax Media last week.“Our goal is to create the best-looking clothes for our customers and Target is committed to providing those products with […]