Aesthetic T Shirt From Outkast Is A New Trend

Aesthetic T Shirt From Outkast Is A New Trend

Outkasta, the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group founded by Outkatt rapper Lauryn Hill, is no stranger to high fashion, having already released t-shirts with a signature design that has become an icon of its style.

Now, the group has added a t-shirt with a retro-inspired look to its roster. 

The Outkasts new line of t-shirts comes with a unique design inspired by the band’s music and the aesthetic of the Southern states, which is often associated with a “southern-style” aesthetic.

The t-Shirt is available in sizes XXL and L, with the sizes available in XL and XXL depending on the shirt you choose.

Outkastics t-SHIRT features Outkassy’s “Outkast T Shirt,” which features a retro style with bold colors, geometric patterns, and geometric designs, as well as the Outkaste’s signature colors and prints.

Out Kast T shirts are available in a variety of styles including classic and trendy, as they are the most popular outkast fashion item in the world, according to a press release.

The product was created in collaboration with Outkasia, the creative agency behind Outkas popular t- shirts, which have also been available at Outkaskas website.

The Outkins newest t- shirt is currently only available in the XL version, but the group is looking to expand the line of shirts to other sizes in the future.

The Outkarties latest t- Shirt will be available at a price of $180, with an expected delivery date of December 6.