‘Funny T Shirt Quilt’ – Quilting with Quilt from @Jezebel

‘Funny T Shirt Quilt’ – Quilting with Quilt from @Jezebel

The Quilt Quilter is back with a new look.

It’s a fun way to make quilts, but I’m also bringing the quilt to life with this fun design.

It will make for a great project for kids, a fun activity for the house, and something for friends to hang out and socialize with.

The quilt will come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and the quilters ability to customize the design is limitless.

I love to use quilting as a way to explore the creative process and show my students how I make my quilts.

You can see all the patterns here and get the quilts in person or online at

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Check out my new podcast, “The Quilt,” where I talk to quilter, artist, and designer Jennie McAllister.

I have a new book out this summer called The Quilters Handbook: Quilts and other Patterns in Your Life, which includes a collection of her tutorials and resources for quilts, quilted accessories, quilt decorating, quilts for kids and more.

You’ll find more about her work at www, and on her Facebook page.

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