How to dress for the weather: How to get a weather-ready shirt

How to dress for the weather: How to get a weather-ready shirt

WASHINGTON — The weather is forecast to remain mild on Friday as temperatures are expected to reach the upper 30s.

That’s good news for the first-quarter forecast.

The forecast calls for a cool-season trough in the northern half of the country with temperatures hovering in the low 30s for most of the week.

The warm-season cold front will be the most severe of the season on Saturday, with temperatures forecast to be near freezing.

But the weather pattern remains favorable for a few weeks, with the mid-week pattern of the cold front forecast to push into the mid 30s, with some parts of the western U.S. seeing temperatures near 50 degrees.

“It’s the best we’ve had to date, in terms of precipitation and wind speeds,” said Scott Kiesel, a meteorologist at Weather Underground in Atlanta.

“The cold front is going to move into the region of the mid 50s.

So the chance of a few days of rain and the chance that it could be snowing could be low.”

The cold front’s arrival is expected to make for a bit of a mixed bag for the U.K. and Germany.

The cold weather pattern is expected on Thursday with a low of 27 degrees, followed by a trough that will push temperatures into the upper 20s to the south.

The pattern is forecast for a cold front moving into the northwest later in the week, with winds coming off the coast of southern England.

Temperatures will drop quickly into the 40s to 50s and continue through Saturday.

“There is a chance for some rain from the mid 20s into the low 40s and then there’s a chance of the colder-than-average weather into the lower 40s,” Kiesel said.

Weather Underground has a lot more weather information available on its Weather Underground website.

You can get a sense of how this is going on with this video, which includes a video of how the forecast looks in some parts, and a video showing how the pattern will change.