How to Make a Butterfly T Shirt with Butterflies

How to Make a Butterfly T Shirt with Butterflies

A butterfly shirt is the perfect way to show off your butterfly wings.

It’s super simple, too: just cut the fabric and hang it over a tee or tanktop.

Plus, it comes in just about any shade of blue, orange, pink, and black.

If you want to get really creative, you can try making a polka dot butterfly shirt with a white shirt, blue shirt, or red shirt, and you’ll be sure to show your stripes off with a rainbow combination.

(Tip: the polka dots don’t have to be exact.)

We’ve compiled a few more tips for making a butterfly tee and a butterfly tanktop that we hope you’ll enjoy!


Cut the fabric to the length you want the shirt to be, then attach the tee or tee-top to the shirt.

Cut about 1 1/2 inches in either direction from the center of the shirt, leaving a 1 1-inch tail, and then attach a shirt or tee.

(The length of the tail is optional.)


Cut around the sides and the back of the tee, then hang it above a tee- or tank top.


Cut off the tail at the back and attach the shirt or t-shirt to the tee.


Tie the shirt together using a simple ribbon, then cut and hang the shirt over a top or tee shirt.


Try making a simple stripe shirt with two contrasting colors, such as orange and yellow.


If your shirt has a logo or other design that you’d like to add to the front of the piece, you could cut off the logo and attach a button-up shirt or a tie shirt to the bottom of the fabric.


Try sewing the shirt with some kind of embroidery or contrasting thread.


Try to use a color that’s complementary to the design of the garment, such a black and white striped shirt with black accents on the front.


Try attaching a ribbon or ribbon-tied shirt to your shirt and sewing it to the inside of your shirt.


Add some fabric to create a fly and fly-like effect, and tie it with a ribbon.


Attach a t- or a butterfly-shaped piece of ribbon around the top of your design and a long ribbon on the side.


Use a contrasting thread to add some decorative detail, such the butterfly logo and a star on the back.


Sew your design to the top or bottom of your garment, or add some buttons, buttons-at-the-bottom, or other buttons to the back, or sew on some flowers, a butterfly, or a flower design on the sides.


Pin your design onto the shirt and/or tee, so that it hangs from your body or waistband, then pin it shut.


Pin a flower on the inside or outside of the neckline of your jacket, to symbolize your love for flowers and flowers’ love of flowers.


Make a butterfly pattern on the fabric, such that your fabric is striped in all four directions.


Add a star to the fly or butterfly on the right side of your fabric to show that you’re loving your work!


Try adding a butterfly logo to your design so you can identify it as a tshirt.


Try putting a small piece of flower petals on the shirt so it hangs on your neck.


If the design you’re trying to show is a tuxedo or a short sleeve blazer, you might want to add an accessory or two.

If it’s a casual dress shirt, you may want to leave out the flower petal, and attach some accessories or accessories with butterfly designs on them.