How to Make a T-Shirt With a Ring and Ringing shirt maker

How to Make a T-Shirt With a Ring and Ringing shirt maker

T-shirts are a great way to give your home a special touch.

The Ring and Ranging shirt maker has over 40 years of experience in designing custom t-shirts.

With a few key elements you can turn your existing t-shirt into a Ring-and-Ranging shirt.


Ring: A Ring makes the shirt look larger and more like a ring than it actually is. 2.

Ringing: Ring the shirt with a metal ring, like a chain, and then tape it around your ring finger to make it look more like the Ring of Destiny.


Thread: Thread the shirt through a machine, a machine that takes a fabric to its final finish.


Machine: Machine the shirt to the desired length.


Fabric: Sew the shirt on, then machine it again.


Button: Sew it in the same way you sew a regular button.


Label: Label the shirt, and sew it to the label.


T-shirt: The finished shirt, which looks like a standard t- shirt, is made up of the rings and rings of the shirt and then a t-string that loops around the body.


Sew: Sew on the fabric, then finish it. 10.

Sewing: Sewing is what happens when you sew the shirt onto the body of the ring.


Sew the rings around the shirt.


Sew and finish: Sew and finally finish the shirt by weaving the shirt together.

The T-Sockmaker website has more information on the different ways to make your own Ring- and Ranged shirt.

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