How to make the perfect t shirt

How to make the perfect t shirt

The first thing to know about t shirts is that they are one of the most expensive things you can buy.

But how do you know if the fabric is a quality product?

Here’s how to make a shirt that looks the part and that you’ll be proud to wear.1.

Choose a quality fabricThe best fabric is one you can wear without looking ridiculous.

The more expensive the fabric, the more you’ll pay.

If you want something that’s well-made, buy the most durable fabric you can find.

For example, if you want a t-shirt that’ll withstand the rigours of the ocean, consider the high-end t-shirts that go for $100 to $400.2.

Choose the right colourIf you want to avoid being seen with an overpriced shirt, you need to make sure that the fabric that you choose is well-dyed.

The best t-shirts come in a variety of colours, and they usually have one of three options: white, grey or navy.

Choose this one.3.

Choose sizeOnce you’ve chosen your fabric, you’re ready to start dyeing.

Here are the steps to dye your t- shirt:1.

Start by washing the shirt.

This will make the shirt feel slightly more soft, and it’s also the time to get the right amount of dye.2, Wash the shirt under running water to remove any excess dye.

This is important because you’ll need to get rid of any stains that might have been left.3, Take a swab of the fabric to clean it of any remaining dye.

The dye should now be free of any traces of colour.4, Once you’re satisfied with the colour of the shirt, go ahead and apply a coat of primer to finish the job.

This coat will help the shirt dry in the sun and will also protect the fabric from sunburn.5.

Use a cotton swab to apply a few layers of primer, then lay the shirt on a damp towel to dry.6.

After a few hours, the shirt should look almost identical to the image above.

You may have to wear it a little longer to achieve the desired look, but you can always return the shirt to the shop for a refund.7.

Take it off for a good pat and then lay it back on the table.

The garment should look completely unblemished and ready to wear again.8.

Lay the t- shirts back on a dry cloth to dry, and hang it up in your room.

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