How to make your own ‘colombia tshirt’

How to make your own ‘colombia tshirt’


— How to turn your favorite Columbia t-shirt into a personalized t-shirts, which you can wear in any place.

And this personalized tshirt is just the beginning.

Here are some tips for making your own “colombian tshirt” to take home for your next special occasion.

How to make a Columbia tshirt personalized t shirt:1.

Wash your shirt before you cut and sew it.2.

You’ll want to cut the t-stripes in half to make it fit your body better.3.

Sew your personalized t shirts to your t-side and bottom.4.

Sew both sides together.5.

Cut the personalized t strips to fit the neckline of your tshirt, so you’ll have room to move your body around.6.

Take it outside, put on your favorite sweatshirt, and enjoy a moment with friends.