How to make your own shirt cannon

How to make your own shirt cannon

Google News Canada has a lot of fun with the title “How to make a shirt cannon.”

The website provides instructions on how to turn a normal, disposable, black shirt into a cannon with a blue background and a white stripe across the top.

The shirt cannon is an object with two parts: the body, and the cannon.

The cannon has two buttons on the body that hold a piece of fabric.

The blue stripe is the “cannon” button.

The white stripe is a “trigger.”

The white button on the cannon has a metal handle that can be pulled out to rotate the cannon, which the website explains as a “fire weapon.”

The cannon is basically a piece that sits in a box, and when you turn the cannon around, you can rotate it like this:The shirt cannon, of course, has a pretty cool feature: the cannon can be customized.

To make the cannon even cooler, the website shows you how to build it with your own components.

The design of the cannon is actually quite simple.

First, you’ll need to find a pattern of fabric to fit the buttons on your shirt.

Then, you will have to cut the fabric and fold it into a shape that will fit into the buttonholes.

Then you will need to glue the folded fabric to the buttonhole.

The cannon will then be ready to go.

The instructions are pretty straightforward, but they do take some time.

Here’s a video tutorial:As you can see, it took me about four minutes to make my own cannon.

In fact, I could have made it in just two minutes.

I made the cannon by cutting out the fabric pattern, folding the folded pattern into a circle, and then folding the circle into a pattern that will form the cannon body.

It took me only a minute to make it.

You can watch the video tutorial to see how it was done.

Here is a picture of the finished product:This is the final product:The article also contains a list of other fun ideas for making a cannon.

Here are a few ideas for other items to make:To add a fun touch to the cannon’s design, you might want to add a bow on the front.

The bow would help it to look like a sword, which it could then use to fire arrows or to shoot the cannon in a different direction.

You can see a picture here of a cannon that looks similar to the one that was shown above.

The cannons look very similar, but the bow was added later on.