How to wear a dress without looking like a corpse

How to wear a dress without looking like a corpse

I think of the world as a dresser’s universe.

It’s a world of a dress.

Dressers live in an endless dance of colours, patterns and textures.

I’d be amazed if they didn’t have their own style guide, too.

But there’s one rule: no one else’s dress.

In dressers, it’s hard to tell the difference between a dress and a t shirt.

But when I was growing up, my dad made a very simple mistake.

I remember, as a kid, he took me and my sister to see a show, and he was really impressed by how well a dress was constructed.

It was perfect.

Then he said: I can’t see how anyone can wear that.

It looks like a dead man.

It didn’t matter that he’d made the mistake; it didn’t bother him.

Dressers are an exception to the rule that no one has a perfect dress, and it’s a good thing that’s not the case for many people.

There are lots of ways to wear the same dress.

There are a few ways to show off the same style.

You could go out with a long skirt, or you could have a strapless top and a long, open collar, or a short, tight dress.

And of course, you can wear jeans, and no shirt.

It doesn’t matter what you do.

And as with any other style, you should be careful about how you dress.

When you’re out, wear your hair in a bun, and your shirt in a way that shows off your shoulders.

If you wear a shirt that’s too short, or too big, you’ll look like you have a dead body.

So wear clothes that are not too tight or too short.

Dress for yourself, not others.

Dress to impress, not to impress others.

I don’t care how much I like the dress you’re wearing, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like that, either.

You can wear the dress that you love.

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