How Trump won the 2016 election

How Trump won the 2016 election

Breitbart News reported: The Trump campaign has not released a campaign finance report for the 2016 cycle.

The Trump campaign did not return a request for comment on the report, which was filed last week with the Federal Election Commission.

But in the filing, the Trump campaign cited its own reporting about the campaign’s fundraising, and noted that the filing was filed after the FEC began releasing information on the campaign in December 2016.

It noted that its fundraising data for the year included contributions to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, as well as to several individual contributors.

Trump’s campaign also noted that it received $3.9 million from individuals, PACs and other entities in the form of payments and loans to fund its operation.

Included in the report was a description of a $15,000 loan from a company called Cimco Capital.

The loan was made in February 2016.

Trump’s fundraising reports were not disclosed during his presidential campaign.

But as part of his transition, Trump released an executive order directing the FEC to release the campaign finance reports of individuals who donated more than $200.

At that time, the FEC was releasing campaign finance information by name only.

Since then, the reports have become a source of controversy for many Democrats. 

The White House, in an interview with Fox News, insisted that the reports were never intended to be public, and were not meant to influence the election.