How Trump’s first week in office was a mess

How Trump’s first week in office was a mess

A week into his presidency, President Donald Trump’s performance has been an embarrassment.

His tweets are off the charts and he’s not even trying to communicate.

But as the president and his allies try to make up for lost time and avoid being distracted, here are five key takeaways from Trump’s opening weeks in office.1.

Trump has failed to put his own stamp on the presidency: Trump has made a career of attacking and delegitimizing the work of his predecessors, and he has repeatedly shown himself to be incapable of governing.

This is particularly evident during the first two weeks of his presidency.

Trump spent two weeks criticizing former President Barack Obama for the failed rollout of his health care law, and while he was able to keep his focus on his own agenda, he was unable to deliver on his promises to deliver American jobs back to the United States.

Trump’s first two months have also been a complete failure for the president.

Trump’s approval ratings have plummeted, and the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the way he’s handled his administration’s legislative and regulatory challenges.

This could be the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency, if he doesn’t change course.2.

Trump isn’t ready for the job: Trump hasn’t been able to make any major legislative or regulatory changes, even as his approval ratings continue to plummet.

His administration has been too focused on defending the indefensible, and his cabinet members have been too dismissive of the challenges the new president faces.

Trump has been unwilling to address the root causes of America’s economic problems and has instead focused on attacking and undermining anyone who disagrees with him.

Trump is not prepared for the demands of the job.3.

Trump won’t be able to fix his administration: The Trump administration is already struggling to make headway on a number of key policy priorities, such as the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, a massive trade deficit with China, and a massive overhaul of the tax code.

Trump hasn, therefore, been unable to get the policies he’s promised to deliver implemented.

The president and the Republican Party have been unwilling and unable to take any steps to fix the problems the president has caused.4.

The new president has no plan: Trump’s approach to the job of president has been very different from his predecessors.

Trump was an early adopter of social media, and this has been one of his strongest strengths.

Trump and his advisers have shown little understanding of how to use social media effectively.

His messaging has been incoherent and he hasn’t managed to develop a coherent plan to fix many of the most pressing issues facing America.5.

Trump doesn’t have the support of his own party: Trump is the only major party presidential candidate in the country who hasn’t yet signed on to the GOP tax bill, a bill that has already caused major problems for the economy.

Trump may have been able get some votes from Republicans if he had been able a) to get some Republican votes to pass the tax bill and b) to convince enough Republicans to back the tax plan.

But he failed to do either of these things.

The Trump administration, which is headed by a man who has no previous experience governing, has had to make several big decisions on major policy issues, and it has failed the American people.

The next president should make a decision quickly to turn the page on the Trump administration and build on the progress we’ve made so far.

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