LeBron and Kobe: LeBron’s Latest Sports Quotes

LeBron and Kobe: LeBron’s Latest Sports Quotes

The Miami Heat superstar has always been an outspoken and outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.

During his run for president in 2020, he wrote a scathing and divisive op-ed that was published in the New York Post.

Trump has called LeBron “a thug” and a “piece of shit” and said he would “go after [him] like hell.”

LeBron has since made a public effort to apologize to Trump.

In April, LeBron posted a series of tweets addressing Trump’s racist and sexist comments.

He also made a number of public apologies to African-Americans.

The NBA star has also spoken out against the treatment of black athletes and the violence that occurs at sports stadiums.

He is a member of the NBA Players Association and a member the Global Black Sports Foundation.

The Heat star, whose father was a member, is the NBA’s second-oldest player, having played his first six seasons for the Miami Heat.