Melanin is back: I’m back to #MemeTshirt

Melanin is back: I’m back to #MemeTshirt

My #Memecount account has been updated to reflect the addition of #MemepodTshirts.

I’ve also added some new #Memetoyshirt to the list.


source Financial Times title Memes, memes, memes: #MemesForThePeople trending in Australia article #Memets are the new memes, but memes are still good.

#Memechs are memes with words in them.

#Funnies are memes about people, like the ones that have been featured on Instagram.

I’ve added a new meme shirt to the #Memethepeople list to represent the #funnies trending.

And #Fungs are the best memes about mushrooms.

There are many more memes in this thread.

Some of these memes are in the #memetoyshirts thread and the list of #memes for the people.

A new thread was added to the Memes for The People subreddit.

This thread is a collection of memes about memes.

The thread includes memes that aren’t about memes at all, like this #Mememachine meme.