Microsoft’s Bing is finally coming to Windows 10: Microsoft’s first Windows 10 app will launch in the US on August 14th

Microsoft’s Bing is finally coming to Windows 10: Microsoft’s first Windows 10 app will launch in the US on August 14th

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is coming to the Windows 10 desktop, Microsoft says.

Microsoft said today that its Bing app will be available on the Windows Store on August 13th.

Microsoft’s official blog post on the news said that the Bing app is a “first-class search experience” for Windows 10, with features such as search, maps, news, and weather.

Microsoft will have a Windows 10 developer preview for the app on August 20th.

It will be free to download and will work on any Windows 10 device, including PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

Bing on the desktop, meanwhile, is already available on Google’s Chrome OS.

The Windows 10 Bing app, which will also include a Bing-branded YouTube app, will allow you to search for and visit web pages using the Windows Search interface.

The Bing app also offers search results for Microsoft products and services, and it lets you see the latest news, deals, and events on the web.

Bing is a major departure from Google and Microsoft’s Search interface, which is based on Bing Maps.

Microsoft also announced that it is working with Bing to bring its Bing News app to the Bing Store, along with a version for the Windows Phone Store, as well as an updated version of the Bing Mobile app.

Microsoft will also offer Bing Mobile as an add-on for Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 Enterprise, starting on August 18th.

Microsoft has been rolling out Bing updates since March, and the search giant has also rolled out Bing Search, Bing Maps, Bing Search for Windows, Bing Ads, Bing TV, Bing Store and Bing Search Now to the company’s own Windows 10 devices.

The Bing Search app will let you search the web and use Bing Search to find news, content, and relevant information.

It also offers Bing’s own Bing Search API and Bing TV API, as the company has used to develop Bing’s content search, search, and video offerings.

Microsoft’s Bing Maps app will allow users to view and share maps, as it does with its own Maps app.

Users can also create and share custom maps, add their own content, add and remove maps, and use the Maps app to discover and share new places.

Microsoft has also introduced its own offline maps app, the Bing Maps Offline app, as an option in Windows 10 Home.

The Xbox app will become an Xbox app with Bing, with Bing Maps becoming an option for those using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also announced today that it will bring Xbox games to Bing, including a Bing TV app.

The company will also add Bing’s Bing Music app to Bing as an offline video streaming service, allowing users to listen to videos and music from their Xbox 360 or Xbox One console.

The Xbox Music app will also allow users access to Bing TV streaming services, such as the Bing Sports app, Bing Movies, and Bing Music.

Microsoft said it plans to add more games to its Xbox Live game streaming service.

The Microsoft Store app for Windows PCs, Xbox consoles, and Surface devices will also be available for Bing, as will the Bing store app for tablets.

Microsoft is also adding the Bing Games app to Windows Store.