‘Nautica’ will be a hit! (Nautico)

‘Nautica’ will be a hit! (Nautico)

Next Big Futures article Nautica will make a triumphant return to shelves on April 1st, and fans are already clamoring to get their hands on a limited edition T-shirt featuring the animated film’s titular character.

While the limited edition will cost $150 and be available only through the Disney Store, fans will be able to pre-order a shirt in a limited quantity from April 1 through May 15, and it will include a special Nautico sticker.

The shirt comes with the official Nautican flag, which features a cartoon mascot with a large eye.

It features a picture of a Nauticode-themed nautican with the words “Nauticica” and the title “Nautsicano”, which is the Latin word for “nautic”.

The Nauticalode logo also features a nautic skull and nautically inspired design.

Nauticon is a fan-favorite animated film that tells the story of Nauticus, a robot who accidentally created the world.

The film was originally released in 1993 as the first part of a trilogy.

The first film was the original “Nano” and was followed by “Natura” and “Necro” in 1996, and a sequel was released in 2003.

The franchise has now spawned three movies and more than 1,000 animated shorts.

The latest installment, Nauticon: Rebirth, is out now.

Source: Disney Store and Twitter