NFL’s new ‘No Fly Zone’ rules will allow fans to fly over NFL stadiums

NFL’s new ‘No Fly Zone’ rules will allow fans to fly over NFL stadiums

The NFL’s rules governing flying over stadiums are set to go into effect in 2019, and the league is taking advantage of the growing popularity of live video streaming services such as

Article 4 of 7 The new rules, which were approved by the league on Thursday, require stadiums to be “no-fly zones” for any flying fans.

Under the rules, teams will be required to “use an appropriate security system for the safe conduct of all spectators” in stadiums.

The league says fans can “fly directly over the field of play” and the stadiums must be “secure, secure and accessible.”

The rule allows fans to “fly over the stadium from the east or west” if they have a designated “no fly zone” in their stadium, and will not allow fans from other cities to fly in or out of the stadium.

The rule allows stadiums to allow fans with “no flying” in the stadium to enter the stadium, but only if the “no flight zone” has been removed.

As the NFL continues to grow, fans have increasingly turned to live streaming services like Twitch to access live games, which has helped keep NFL fans on the air.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association announced last week that they were negotiating a new streaming agreement for 2019.

The league also announced that fans could no longer enter stadiums during halftime, and fans will not be allowed to enter stadiums for the final seconds of the game.

However, fans will be allowed into stadiums during the end of the third quarter if a player has been ruled out for the remainder of the regular season.