Aesthetic T Shirt From Outkast Is A New Trend

Outkasta, the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group founded by Outkatt rapper Lauryn Hill, is no stranger to high fashion, having already released t-shirts with a signature design that has become an icon of its style.Now, the group has added a t-shirt with a retro-inspired look to its roster.┬áThe Outkasts new line of t-shirts comes with a unique design inspired by the […]

Is it just me or do you just not care about the Irish people?

We can’t forget about our own people.We’ve got to remember that they’re our neighbours, our friends, our neighbours’ friends, their friends and our neighbours.We can never forget the love we’ve had for them.That’s what matters, and it’s something we can’t ever forget.If you’re feeling sad about the state of the country, and you’re not looking forward to seeing your family […]