What you need to know about the new CT shirt

By Emily Brown and Julie Zauzmer | The Washington TimesPosted April 19, 2018 12:28pm EDTThe new CT Shirt is a bold new look for a few reasons.First, the shirt features a graphic design that looks great on any outfit.The graphic design is the most recognizable part of the shirt, with the word “CT” on the front, but there’s a ton […]

How to get a Crutch Crutch shirt from Crutch

Crutch has launched a new shirt collection with a special design.The shirts feature a black crutch with a logo and a message.Crutch also added the tag #crutchtshirt, which means it’s a shirt that’s available to buy on the Crutch website.This is the same shirt that was available in stores before, but it was only available in limited quantities.You can get […]