When a man in New York is caught on tape making the most violent and racist comments you’ve ever heard, a lot of people are shocked at his innocence

Posted October 19, 2018 05:53:10 When a white man was caught on camera calling a black man “nigga,” the reaction was swift and furious.But when a black woman, wearing a jacket over her shirt, was seen laughing, people took it in stride.“I don’t care if it’s my shirt, it’s still racist, and this is a way to say that,” said […]

‘I’m Not a Jerk’: Why I’ve ‘Never been’ a victim of sexual harassment

“I know that I’m not a jerk,” said Susan, a 30-year-old senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.“I’ve never been one.I’m a proud student, and I’ve got a great job, and a great life.”But the news has sent shockwaves across the U.S. education industry, where universities across the country have faced accusations of sexual assault and harassment for decades.Susan said […]