What is the ‘Melanin’ T Shirt?’

A ‘Melonin’ t shirt is a t-shirt that is made from an all-natural product, and is made of a natural material like hemp.It has a soft feel, and has a texture that is light yet firm.A melonin t-piece is a thick fabric that is a material that can be used in a t shirt.It is commonly used in t shirts […]

Melanin is back: I’m back to #MemeTshirt

My #Memecount account has been updated to reflect the addition of #MemepodTshirts.I’ve also added some new #Memetoyshirt to the list.Enjoy!source Financial Times title Memes, memes, memes: #MemesForThePeople trending in Australia article #Memets are the new memes, but memes are still good.#Memechs are memes with words in them.#Funnies are memes about people, like the ones that have been featured on Instagram.I’ve […]

What you need to know about melanin, the new skin color that’s making us all thinner

NEW YORK — What makes melanin a natural color?That’s the question researchers are grappling with after a major scientific study revealed that skin cells make melanin from sunlight and the surrounding environment.But in the lab, the answer is still a mystery.“The reason melanin is not a natural product is because it is derived from a complex, biologically-derived molecule,” said study […]