How to make your own ‘science’ t-shirt

The t-shirts are meant to remind people that it’s okay to be different.“We’ve all got these ideas about what we think is cool and what we don’t, and it just really makes it hard for people to see that you can make things,” said Toni Pugh, who started the company in 2014.“The t-shirts are very much about showing that you […]

How to be a badass with this Batman t-shirt

You’re in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned Batman shirt.No, not that one.This is the one you wear when you want to show your allegiance to the masked crusader and stand up for what you believe in.The brand is known for its bold colors, but the shirts are also available in the signature red and black, and white.Be sure […]

How to dress as a band tee: This is the new ‘supreme’ shirt

Supreme t shirts have been around for a while, but now they’ve got a new look to them.The brand has teamed up with Levi’s to bring the classic ‘supremacy’ style back to the UK.Supreme shirts have already been seen in a number of different styles including the top and back of Levi’s Levi’s Supremacy Jeeps, the Levi’s Signature Levi’s Superstar […]