New Batman shirt says ‘Batmans’ birthday shirt

Fox Sports has released new Batman shirts, which will be available for sale on April 12th.The shirts feature the words “Batmans” on one side and “Bats” on the other.The shirt comes with a Batman emblem on the front and the word “Happy Birthday” on each side.The first set of shirts will go on sale on Friday, April 12 at 11 […]

Walmart and’s new shirt, t shirt and bags collection includes Walmart and Amazon t shirts

WASHINGTON — Walmart and Walmart Inc. have teamed up to offer new shirt and bag collection options at retailers like Target and Walgreens, Walmart and Target Stores Inc. announced Wednesday.The new products include Walmart t shirts and Walmart tshirts, and Walmart socks and Walmart boots.Target and Walmart have also launched new t shirts at and Walmart store locations.The new […]