Target says ‘no’ to buying more T-shirts for men and women

Target says ‘no’ to buying more T-shirts for men and women

Target has said it is no longer buying T-shirt designs from the company, but will continue to make them available to its customers.

The retailer said it had “not decided” how it would respond to an inquiry from Fairfax Media last week.

“Our goal is to create the best-looking clothes for our customers and Target is committed to providing those products with the best possible fit, quality and appearance,” the company said.

“The new Target design program will allow us to make those changes.”

It comes as Target has come under pressure to take action over the gender pay gap.

The US retail giant said in April that it had identified the gap in the pay gap between men and men and girls, but that it was still too early to act on that information.

“We believe there is more work to do and we want to help close the gap as quickly as possible,” Target said in a statement.

“We will continue working with partners to create a range of products that reflect our core values of creating an inclusive workplace, helping customers find their best fit and celebrating diversity.”

To that end, we have begun a process of identifying more and more designs for the men’s section, but we remain committed to offering men’s and women’s options to our customers.

“Target has been one of the leading retailers to make changes to its image in recent years, following the launch of a new logo, new colours and a shift to the “one size fits all” campaign in 2015.