What NASA and SpaceX have in common: NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX

What NASA and SpaceX have in common: NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX

SpaceX and NASA have a lot in common, but that doesn’t mean that Elon Musk and NASA are the same person.

Musk, the CEO of the electric-car maker, SpaceX, and SpaceX itself, is an international-relations expert and the chief of the U.S. Space Surveillance System, which collects information on satellites, space junk, and other objects in Earth’s atmosphere.

In a tweet this week, NASA’s chief operating officer, Scott Bolton, said Musk is a “special friend” to the space agency and that the U!


space agency is “very excited” to work with him.

“We’re thrilled to have him join us on this mission,” Bolton tweeted.

Musk and the U!.


Air Force are partnering on the $1.9 billion Space Launch System rocket, which will be used to launch NASA’s Orion spacecraft, the agency’s space shuttle.

NASA will spend about $600 million on the mission, which is expected to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Musk said in a tweet last month that he has been trying to secure the launch rights for about two years, but he has not been able to secure any launch site yet.

“The current site is in Alaska,” Musk wrote.

“So I’ve been asking friends in the space industry to send me a bid.”

He said the next site would be “soon,” adding that he is also in contact with several other companies that are interested in a potential launch site.

The two companies that Musk mentioned are Boeing and Lockheed Martin, both of which have expressed interest in the Space Launch Complex 39A site.

Musk also noted that he would be interested in purchasing the rocket.

SpaceX is one of several companies that has been working on its own rocket that is meant to fly astronauts in low-Earth orbit, which NASA says will be capable of delivering cargo and supplies to low-orbit destinations like the International Space Station.

It is also intended to launch commercial crew capsules to the International Astronautical Station.

The company is currently working on a second rocket called Space Launch Vehicle 3 (SLS), which will provide the rocket with the capability to send astronauts to low Earth orbit and to carry out deep space exploration.

In March, SpaceX announced that it would be using the Space Transportation System (STS) for the SLS launch vehicle, and the company said it has already completed testing of the system and expects to begin test flights on March 24.

Musk tweeted that he will be flying his rocket on the STS test flight, which he will call “the maiden flight.”

“First, it’s a test flight of our Space Launch system, but it’s also the first flight of the STSS system,” Musk tweeted.

“And it’s going to be amazing.”

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