Which new characters will be coming to Heroes of the Storm?

Which new characters will be coming to Heroes of the Storm?

We’ll get a few new Heroes of The Storm characters to show off as we start our month off on April 25. 

I was able to speak to Chris Wilson, creative director of Blizzard Entertainment, who revealed some of the upcoming heroes coming to the game.

“A few months ago we were talking about all these characters coming into Heroes of War,” Wilson said.

So we started to get back to it with these other characters and some of these other game ideas that we’re excited about.””

We had to put some of them on the back burner, because we wanted to focus on the other games.

So we started to get back to it with these other characters and some of these other game ideas that we’re excited about.”

We’re really excited about these three Heroes of Storm characters coming to BlizzCon, so we’ll be seeing a lot of these characters and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they can do. 

The first of these new Heroes is Celine. 

She is going to be part of the new team, and she will be in Heroes of World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA game. 

Celine is a member of the Frostbite team and we’ll see how she fares against other Heroes.

“Wilson went on to say that Celine will be a “great hero” and “a really good pick” for Heroes players. 

This new hero will join the game at the end of the year, and will be available to play as a free-to-play character. 

Wilson also confirmed that Blizzard is planning on releasing two new Heroes characters in the first quarter of 2018: Storm, who will be playable in Heroes’ first expansion, the World of WarCraft: Champions of Azeroth, and Legion, a “heroic” new hero.

Wilson said that Blizzard’s Heroes of Warcraft team is “a huge team,” and that the team has “very high standards.””

We’ve got really high standards, we don’t let anyone get ahead of ourselves.

We’re really proud of where we are in the game,” he said. 

While it’s unlikely that Celye will be playing a full role in Heroes, Wilson did tell me that the hero will be able to do something very special for Blizzard’s fans.”

Heroes of Warcraft has such a strong and memorable history that we really want to give her that,” Wilson added. 

He also added that there will be two new hero classes coming to Blizzard’s upcoming game: The Defenders and The Stormcast.”

One of these heroes is going into World of Blizzard, and the other is going in Heroes.

They will be interesting and really new.” “

The Stormcast will be more of a surprise.

They will be interesting and really new.” 

Wilson noted that the game’s hero design team will also be working on the upcoming game, but did not provide any further details about how the game will look. 

If you’ve been looking forward too much to hear the news that Blizzard has a new game coming to their games, you’ll have to wait for April to see the first of those new Heroes come to Heroes. 

A full interview with Chris Wilson is available below.

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