Why are the Celtics missing LeBron James?

Why are the Celtics missing LeBron James?

When the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired James last summer, they did so with the intent of keeping him with them for the foreseeable future.

They weren’t done.

The Cavs are now playing catch-up to the league’s top teams in both terms of talent and the amount of cap space they have to work with.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a deep team that has to keep winning.

There are many ways they can be successful, but they can’t rely on one thing.

It’s a team with talent, but also a cap that is too small to sustain them.

There is plenty of talent on the roster, and that is a strength, but it’s a lack of cap room that prevents the Cavaliers from building a championship-caliber roster.

The Celtics are not one of those teams.

While there are plenty of talented players, there is also a lack in cap space, which will be an issue going forward.

The Boston Celtics have the potential to be the most improved team in the NBA over the next decade.

But, there are two things that have to change.

One, the Cavs have to improve in their free agency, as they have done for a few years now.

Two, the Celtics need to acquire a star player.

There has to be a superstar.

The first thing the Celtics have to do is acquire James.

Boston has the potential for a huge leap in talent.

But that is going to take time.

The time will come when the Cavs will be able to build a championship team.

But with that being said, they need to find a superstar, and the Celtics are a team that could fit that mold.

The team that needs to acquire James is the Boston Celtics.

While they have been known to move stars, this is the first time that the Celtics will do so in the past few years.

They are in a position where they can do it.

When they do, it will be a huge move for the franchise.

What does this mean for the Celtics?

The Celtics have already been the most productive team in their division for a long time, but the time will only be good for them if they can acquire James and develop him into the player he was when he was drafted out of Kentucky.

The biggest obstacle to that happening will be the Cavaliers.

But if they are willing to go for it, they will be rewarded.

What do you think the Celtics should do with James?

Would you be willing to part with a star to acquire him?