Why Brooklyn is the best t-shirt for a summer party

Why Brooklyn is the best t-shirt for a summer party

The Brooklyn-born t-shirts have become an integral part of many a summer night, with an emphasis on party attire, from the classic to the edgy.

But one t-shirt design is making the rounds that isn’t just for fun, but to further enhance the appeal of the brand.

A pair of the adidas t-Shirts are coming to the UK for the first time this summer, with a pair of styles from the brand coming to New York. 

The Brooklyn-based brand, which is based in New York, unveiled a pair that will be sold exclusively in Brooklyn at select boutiques starting August 8, with the brand’s signature t-shaped logo and Brooklyn-inspired colors. 

Adidas said that the Brooklyn-exclusive t-Stance is the first of four Brooklyn-specific t-SHIRTS coming to stores.

They are all white t-styles, with one featuring a Brooklyn-themed design on the sleeve and the other two featuring black t-stylized designs on the chest and waistbands.

The t- Stance t-stripe is available in the following sizes: small (S) medium (M), large (L), X-Large (XL)Large (2XL)X-Large, XX-Large(2XL), XXL (3XL)In all, the Brooklyn t-Styles are available in black, navy, white, grey, olive green, olive, pink, purple, brown, grey and black. 

Brooklyn is also rolling out a t-striped version of its classic adidas T-Shirt, which was previously only available to buy in select retailers.

The brand also launched a limited edition, Brooklyn-only t-STYLE called the Brooklyn Stance, which will be available exclusively at select retailers starting August 18.