Why I’m boycotting Twitter and the social media company’s ‘fake news’ campaign

Why I’m boycotting Twitter and the social media company’s ‘fake news’ campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been among the first to take to social media to call for Twitter to end its fake news campaign.

In an open letter, Biden says it’s time to stop the “fake news” campaign and instead use its money to fight global warming.

He says Twitter is trying to use “fake-news” as a political tool to win the 2016 election.

In a video posted on Twitter Wednesday, Biden calls out Twitter’s new ad campaign as a “sickening, vicious lie” and calls on the company to “stop pandering to the right.”

“Twitter has done more to spread false, misleading and malicious propaganda on behalf of a political campaign than any other social media platform,” he said.

“This is an intentional, coordinated effort by the company, the Trump administration, and their allies to promote their hateful agenda and undermine democracy.”

He added: “Twitter has created a new political front in its fight against truth and democracy.”

Biden said he’s worried about how the fake news and misinformation campaigns have played out in the U.S. and around the world.

He cited “fake media” and “fake facts” as being among the issues that “really concern me.”

In a recent article, The Hill reported on the impact of fake news on American politics.

In the article, “Fake News: How the Trump presidency has poisoned our democracy,” researchers said the spread of “fake stories” and misinformation has contributed to a lack of trust in the media, particularly in Washington, D.C.

The Hill also reported that the spread and spread of fake stories and misinformation is “the primary reason for the current low level of trust” in the news media.

The letter also notes that fake news is “not news” and that the word “fake” should not be used as a descriptor of a media organization.

The statement from Biden comes as social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have been battling with fake news, including from Russia, and have sought to combat it.

The company said it was working with lawmakers and other stakeholders to “ensure that our efforts are working.”