Why we’re wearing our shirts with a patriotic t shirt on…

Why we’re wearing our shirts with a patriotic t shirt on…

Posted December 06, 2018 16:31:52 Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has unveiled a new patriotic t-shirt for the holidays that shows American troops in their holiday garb.

The t-shirts have a simple message and are priced at $18.99.

Walmart has released a number of t-shirts this year, including the one above, and it’s not the first time the retailer has made patriotic shirts available.

In November, Walmart introduced the American Eagle t- shirt, which is priced at just $20.99 (less than half the price of the American flag).

It’s a clear statement from Walmart that its a company that values patriotism and encourages its customers to support the armed forces and the country they live in.

The US military has played a pivotal role in US history and it is no surprise that they should be represented in patriotic t shirts.

But the t- shirts have become increasingly common across the country as retailers have seen increased demand from patriotic shoppers.

Many retailers have also added patriotic t t-ts to their existing offerings.

There’s also a small amount of merchandise available for the patriotic tshirt, which includes a pair of patriotic blue jeans, a navy t-dress, and a red and white shirt with the American eagle logo.